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How to Negotiate Child Custody with a Narcissist

 Posted on January 02,2024 in Uncategorized

During a divorce, it can be difficult to negotiate terms of child custody. When the other parent is a narcissist, that leads to even more challenges. Those narcissistic tendencies complicate the negotiation process. And they can leave you feeling trusted. However, there are ways to handle these types of individuals. Here are a few points to keep in mind when it comes time to negotiate child custody with a narcissist

Get Ready for a Legal Battle

Unfortunately, narcissists often show their true personality after you have built a relationship with them. Sometimes, you may have a child or several children with them. If you want to break free, negotiating child custody is one important step in the divorce process.

Narcissists often prioritize their own needs and desires over the well-being of others. In turn, that can make any negotiations challenging. They may exhibit manipulation and a lack of accountability, undermining your abilities as a parent.

Before starting negotiations with them, you need to have clear and realistic expectations.

Dealing with a Narcissistic

Negotiation with a narcissist is never easy. You will want to be prepared for the challenges in the process. Some of these tips can help alleviate the stress during this time.

Document Everything

Since narcissists have manipulative tendencies, you will want to have tangible proof that documents their behavior or actions. You will want to keep detailed records of all interactions, including emails and texts surrounding any interactions or incidents. This documentation can be evidence of the narcissistic parent’s behavior. In turn, that may be able to influence the court’s decision in your favor.

Consult with a Knowledgeable Attorney

Another step in the process is hiring a knowledgeable family law attorney. These professionals can help with negotiating child custody with a narcissist. A seasoned attorney knows how to handle high-conflict custody cases. They can also help you develop a strategic legal approach in these situations.

Always Focus on the Child’s Best Interests

When negotiating child custody, the primary consideration should always be the child’s best interests. Courts prioritize the child’s physical and emotional well-being, stability, and relationships with parents when determining custody arrangements. If you can show that the narcissist is acting in a way that harms the child, the courts are more likely to rule on your behalf.

Stay Calm and Maintain Composure

Negotiating child custody with a narcissist can be an emotionally charged process. They may try to provoke an emotional reaction from you. If you have to respond, always do so with measured and rational communication. Sometimes, the relationship is so broken that the attorney must handle any communications.

Be Prepared to Head to Court

Narcissists always want to “win.” While many couples can reach an amicable agreement outside the courtroom, you should be prepared for a drawn-out legal process. With solid legal representation and through documentation, you can put your best case forward.

We Can Help in These Challenging Situations

Dealing with a narcissist during child custody negotiation can be a challenge. These individuals will try to get you to agree to unfavorable terms. However, you need to put your child’s interest forward. With help from an experienced and skilled divorce attorney in Texas, you can build a solid foundation for your child’s case. Contact the Law Office of J. Kevin Clark to see how you can take the next steps. Schedule your consultation by calling 817-348-6723.

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