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A majority of spouses going through divorce choose to try settling out of court through mediation or negotiation. However, uncontested divorce is not an option for everyone. In some situations, it may be necessary or preferable to ask an impartial judge to make decisions about how property will be divided and how child custody will be structured. If your divorce will probably need to be contested in court, it is critical to work with a highly experienced family law attorney.

The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. has decades of experience guiding spouses through high-conflict divorce cases. Mr. Clark will take the time to understand your situation and gather any evidence that may be necessary. While divorce litigation can be emotionally straining and time-consuming, he will do all he can to make your case go as smoothly as possible. He will fiercely advocate for you throughout the entire case and strive for the best result possible.

What Happens During Divorce Litigation?

There is a lot of evidence needed in divorce trials. You will likely need to prove your sole ownership of any separate property you may have, such as property you came into the marriage with or any inherited property. The court can only make decisions based on the evidence your attorneys present. You may need to attend a number of hearings as the court reviews each issue. Your attorney will be able to present evidence and question witnesses on your behalf.

If you have children in common, the court is required to consider a large number of different factors so that it can make a decision based solely on the child's best interests. A guardian ad litem will likely interview you and your child to help the court understand how each factor applies in your case.

When to Contest Your Divorce

Deciding whether to litigate your divorce can be challenging. our team often recommends going to trial if any of the following factors are present in your case:

  • Abuse - If your spouse has physically, sexually, financially, or emotionally abused you or your child, there may be no reasoning with them in mediation. Attempting to resolve your case out of court could cause you further harm.
  • Serious mental illness or substance abuse - People who have severe, unmanaged addictions or mental illnesses are rarely capable of treating their spouses fairly or even meaningfully participating in mediation.
  • Complex property division - If you and your spouse own complex property, like a family business, rental properties, stocks, or retirement accounts, you may need a court to fairly divide these assets.
  • Sole custody or parental relocation - Few parents are willing to give up seeing their children or allow them to move away without a fight. If you believe that sole custody or supervised visitation would be appropriate, or if you are planning to move to a new location with your child, you may need to fight this battle in court.
  • High degree of conflict - If you and the other parent are in an extreme state of conflict, you may not be able to compromise. Since attempting to negotiate agreements would be unhelpful, it may be necessary to resolve issues in the courtroom.
  • Unfair or unreasonable prenuptial agreement - If you were coerced into signing a prenuptial agreement, or if the terms of your marital contract would leave you unable to support yourself, you may need to go to court and show a judge that your contract must be set aside in whole or in part. A court may set aside a highly one-sided prenuptial agreement.

While divorce trials can be immensely challenging, they are sometimes the only way to achieve a fair result in your case.

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