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Spousal support used to be far more common than it is today. In the past, it was quite typical for one parent to work for pay outside the home while the other maintained the home and cared for the children full-time. Now, it is much more common for both parents to earn income. This means that spousal support is frequently unnecessary or inappropriate when spouses are on a similar economic footing. However, there are some cases where one spouse may need alimony in order to reasonably meet their needs after a divorce.

The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. is skilled in helping people who need spousal support receive the payments they need. Our team will carefully assess your financial circumstances and your current ability to find and keep a job that would allow you to support yourself. Because few spouses are willing to voluntarily keep providing for their ex-spouse, there is a somewhat higher chance that you will need to go through divorce litigation. It is critical to work with a highly experienced divorce lawyer if you will need spousal support.

Who Can Receive Spousal Support in Texas?

There are a number of factors the court will consider when deciding whether you are entitled to alimony, and if so, how much. It is clear from Texas state law that neither spouse should be left destitute after a divorce while the other continues to prosper. Even if you have a prenuptial agreement that says you are not to receive alimony, there are cases where the court might overturn an unfair and unreasonable agreement and award spousal support anyway.

You are more likely to be entitled to spousal support if any of the following factors are present in your case:

  • You are disabled or elderly and cannot work or are very limited in the amount you could earn.
  • You are the full-time caregiver to a disabled child you have primary or sole custody of.
  • You were married for a very long time and did not work for pay during the marriage or stopped working for pay after having children.
  • Your spouse financially abused you or wrongfully prevented you from working or continuing your education.
  • You lack the practical training or education needed to begin a career that pays well enough to meet your basic needs. In these cases, you may be awarded temporary support to enable you to seek a degree or attend a job training program.
  • Not receiving alimony would leave you entirely unable to meet your basic needs, like adequate housing, healthcare, or food.
  • Your prenuptial agreement dictates that you are to receive alimony in the event of a divorce.
  • You made significant contributions to your spouse's earning potential. For example, if you supported them financially while they went to medical school or pursued a doctorate degree, it can be said that you enabled them to become a high earner.
  • There was a significant disparity in the amount you and your spouse earned. If you worked only part-time for low wages or had a "gig" for supplemental income only, you may need alimony to stay afloat. If the court believes that you will be able to start a career, this support may be temporary, lasting only until you are settled in a well-paying job.
  • Your spouse will keep most assets. If your spouse kept most of their property separate or will otherwise be awarded most of the resources you depended on, you may become entitled to support.

In any of these cases, it is more likely that you will be able to collect spousal support on a temporary or permanent basis. We will fight to make sure you have the funding you need from your former spouse.

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