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Getting divorced represents a major life change, especially if you are a parent. Not only will you need to have your marital property divided evenly, but you will also need to divide your children's time in a way that is best for your children. You have certain rights over both your marital property and your children. It is important to be represented by an attorney who will fight hard to protect those rights.

The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. is a dedicated family law firm. Mr. Clark focuses his practice exclusively on divorce, child custody, and other issues affecting the family unit. Having this focus allows him to stay extremely well-informed about all current Texas rules that apply to divorce and child custody. He can offer the best legal representation possible throughout your proceedings.

Choosing Between Mediation and Litigation

Contested and uncontested divorce are both options you should consider from the outset of your divorce. Contested divorce means going to trial and having an impartial judge divide your marital assets and establish a new child custody schedule. Uncontested divorce means you will work with your spouse, usually with the help of a mediator in addition to your lawyers, in order to resolve the divorce out of court.

Uncontested divorce is often the faster and more cost-effective solution. However, it does require some degree of cooperation and compromise between the parties. A contested divorce may be necessary if your spouse will not be fair to you unless a judge intervenes.

Resolving Child Custody Issues During Divorce

Child custody can be a very emotionally driven issue. If the court is asked to determine custody arrangements, it will investigate carefully and make its decision based solely on the best interests of the child. You and the other parent also have the option of working together to create a co-parenting plan out of court, which can shield your child from conflict.

Joint custody is almost always the outcome. If you and the other parent live in the same area, it may be possible to split your child's time evenly between both households. If one of you relocates or equal custody would not be feasible, one parent may receive primary custody, while the other parent will be able to have regular visitation time. Sole custody is generally only possible when there is proof that one parent is a danger to the child.

Dividing Marital Assets

Nearly everything you and your spouse have acquired since getting married will be considered marital property, even if only one of you worked for pay. In Texas, a homemaker's contributions to their family are considered to be just as economically valuable as an employed spouse's financial contributions.

Some marital assets, such as joint investments and businesses you co-own, are considered complex assets. Our well-versed team is highly experienced in complex property division issues.

Spousal Maintenance After Divorce

While alimony is less common than it used to be, now that most households require the income of both spouses to keep running, it is still awarded when it is needed. If you are disabled or have primary custody of a disabled child, you may be entitled to alimony. The longer you were married and out of the workforce, the more likely you are to be given spousal support in Texas. Temporary alimony is sometimes awarded if you are able to work but need to spend time pursuing education or learning job skills in a vocational program.

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