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Family law proceedings can be exceptionally stressful, because they represent such a major life change. Whether you are divorcing your current spouse or creating a child custody schedule after breaking up with your co-parent, your family structure will be different after these proceedings. You might be used to sharing the housework and cooking with your spouse and seeing your kids every day. This is likely to change after your case concludes. Often, after an initial adjustment period, the parties find that they prefer life this way.

The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. is experienced in many different types of family law cases, from contentious divorce cases to child custody and paternity proceedings for unmarried parents. If your court case will affect your family structure and your way of life, Attorney J. Kevin Clark is here for you. He can offer the type of representation you need, personalized to suit your family's unique needs.

Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area Divorce Lawyer

There are as many types of divorce as there are types of married couples. No matter why or under what circumstances you are getting divorced, Mr. Clark will do all he can to ensure that you receive a fair and favorable outcome. Divorce issues our law firm can help with include:

  • Complex property division - If you and your spouse share a significant amount of complex marital assets, it will likely take the skill of an experienced attorney to help you divide your marital property. Spouses who share income properties, investments, or businesses may have a more complicated asset division process.
  • Uncontested divorce - Many spouses choose to resolve their divorces out of court to spare the cost and difficulty of a trial. Divorce mediation is a common solution.
  • Divorce trials - In some cases, contesting your divorce in court is the only way to achieve a fair outcome. Kevin is an experienced litigator who will fight aggressively for your rights.
  • Spousal support - While alimony is less common now than it was 50 years ago, there are still cases where spousal support is necessary and appropriate. If you cannot work for any reason and have been financially reliant on your spouse, you may be entitled to spousal support.

Child Custody Attorney Serving the Keller, TX Community

Whether or not you were married to your co-parent, you have rights as a parent. Child custody issues our law firm can help with include:

  • Joint and sole custody - Rarely is sole custody considered appropriate and beneficial for the child. Courts usually find that maintaining a relationship with both parents is in the child's best interests. This often means that one parent will have primary custody and the other will enjoy the most frequent visitation possible.
  • Child support - Every child has the right to be financially supported by both parents. We can help you make sure orders are put in place providing your child with the necessary support.
  • Proving paternity - If you are not already legally established as your child's father, this is likely the first step towards enforcing your fathers' rights or enforcing your child's right to receive child support if you are the mother. Our team can help you initiate court proceedings to establish paternity if necessary.
  • Relocation - Relocating as a divorced or separated parent can be logistically complicated, as moving the child between households frequently may be impracticable. We can help you make sure you follow the proper procedures when planning to relocate or addressing the other parent's plans to move with your child.

Enforcing Family Court Orders

If you have an existing court order related to child custody, child support, or division of property after divorce that your former partner refuses to abide by, there are steps we can take to force them into compliance. Depending on the type of violation, your ex may be subject to further legal action, or they may even be held in contempt of court.

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The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. is dedicated to helping spouses, parents, and other family members in family law cases. Attorney J. Kevin Clark is experienced in all types of family law proceedings, and he will fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Contact us at 817-348-6723 for a complimentary consultation.

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