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If you believe that it is time to end your marriage, deciding to get divorced is just the first of many big decisions you will need to make going forward. The next choice you make will be whether to pursue a contested or uncontested divorce. In a contested divorce, your case will go to trial, and a judge will make any decisions you and your spouse cannot make by compromise. In an uncontested divorce, you can use strategies like mediation or attorney-driven negotiation in order to resolve each issue in your divorce by agreement. While most spouses choose uncontested divorce to avoid a stressful and expensive courtroom battle, contesting the divorce is sometimes necessary to reach a fair and lawful result.

The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. is highly experienced in handling divorce cases of all types. Mr. Clark has helped hundreds of people achieve the results they need when ending their marriage. He can help with child custody issues, complex division of property, spousal support, and all other issues that may arise during your divorce. It is important to be represented by a well-qualified divorce lawyer during any family law proceeding, as these cases are likely to have a major impact on your life.

Complex Property Division in Divorce

All marital property must be divided equally during a divorce. Most of what you own is likely to be considered marital property, regardless of whose income was used to purchase or contribute to an asset. There are a few exceptions. Anything you owned prior to the marriage, any inheritances or gifts you received, and any settlement funds from a personal injury case are generally your separate property.

Some types of property are more challenging to divide than others. Common property issues that can arise in a divorce include:

  • Retirement accounts - These are likely to be especially important if you and your spouse are nearing retirement age or if either party has already retired.
  • Investments - There are several methods for dividing stock portfolios and other joint investments.
  • Income properties - If you own properties you rent out, you will need to find a method of dividing income from or ownership of these properties.
  • Businesses - When you or your spouse has an ownership interest in a company, you will need to determine how to share this interest fairly going forward.

It is important to be represented by a lawyer who is experienced in complex division of property if you own any of these assets.

Child Custody and Divorce

Child custody is often the most hotly contested issue in a divorce, because few parents will voluntarily relinquish time with their child. Types of custody arrangements commonly used in Texas include:

  • Joint custody with equal parenting time -Parents who reside in the same school district can often divide their children's time equally between both households.
  • Primary custody and visitation - If one parent relocates or needs to be the primary caregiver, the children may spend most of their time with that parent, visiting the other during school breaks or on weekends. While mothers used to almost automatically get primary custody, fathers now have equal rights.
  • Supervised visitation - If one parent's ability to care for their child independently is questionable, the court may order that parent to visit with their child in a visitation center or under the supervision of a trusted adult.
  • Sole custody - Sole custody is rare. It is usually only ordered when one parent has been proven to be a danger to their child, such as when a parent has been convicted of child abuse or a child-oriented sexual offense.

Our team will fight for the arrangement that is best for you and your child.

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