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Child custody cases are among the most emotionally-driven types of family law cases. Whether your child custody case is incident to a divorce or you were not married to the other parent, these cases can be very challenging for everyone involved. Nearly all child custody cases in Texas result in some type of joint custody arrangement, where the child will live with both parents, and each parent will retain some decision-making rights. However, there are cases where sole custody is truly necessary to protect children from a parent who could cause them to suffer physical or psychological harm. It is important to work with an experienced family law attorney in any child custody case, even if a situation is relatively amicable.

The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. is experienced in helping parents create child custody arrangements that put the child's interests first. Attorney J. Kevin Clark has decades of experience helping parents maintain strong relationships with their children following a divorce or break-up with the other parent. He will work to ensure that you put your child's best interests first throughout your case.

Types of Joint Custody Arrangements

If your child's other parent is demanding full custody, in all likelihood, you do not need to worry too much. Texas courts heavily favor joint custody arrangements in the vast majority of cases. However, how much time you will be able to spend with your child and what decision-making rights each parent will retain can depend on a number of factors.

First, you should know that deciding on a co-parenting agreement is an option. If you are planning an uncontested divorce, we may be able to help you work with the other parent to create custody arrangements that will meet the needs of your family. If you must litigate this issue, the court is likely to involve a guardian ad litem, who will help it understand your child's needs and how each parent can contribute to meeting them.

Different options for handling shared child custody may include:

  • Evenly divided time - If you live close to your ex, and the two of you are willing and able to cooperate, having your child spend equal amounts of time in each household may be a good option.
  • Primary physical custody and regular visitation - It is somewhat common for a child whose parents are not together to live with one parent the majority of the time while enjoying frequent or infrequent visits with the other parent. This may be the only real option if one of you intends to relocate. It may also work well if one of you has a demanding work schedule, such as those kept by many first responders or medical residents.
  • Supervised visitation - Supervised visitation may be ordered if one parent is not necessarily harmful to the child but is also not able to safely care for the child in his or her home. This is common if one parent has a serious criminal record pertaining to child abuse or endangerment, a substance abuse problem they are treating, or serious mental health issues.

When Sole Custody Is Considered Appropriate

Sole custody is only ordered when it is necessary to protect the child. Situations where one parent may receive sole custody include:

  • The child has been abused or endangered in any way by a parent, or a parent has a history of family violence.
  • A parent has a major mental illness that is not well-managed or is in active addiction to any substance.
  • a parent is a child sex offender or otherwise has a serious criminal record that suggests they would endanger the child.
  • a parent is wholly disinterested in raising the child. Grandparents' rights may still be enforced to ensure that children can enjoy ongoing relationships with extended family members.
  • The court finds that a parent is not a suitable guardian for any reason.

Rest assured that sole child custody by one parent is extremely rare, and it is typically quite clear when sole custody is necessary to protect a child. If you need it because the other parent is dangerous, we will do all we can to help you keep your child safe.

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The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. is highly experienced in helping parents who are going through a divorce or break-up develop the best possible child custody arrangement. Dedicated Dallas-Forth Worth Attorney J. Kevin Clark will work to ensure that you will be prepared for successful co-parenting or solo parenting. Contact us by calling 817-348-6723 to set up a free consultation today.

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