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Divorcing a Narcissist

 Posted on September 25,2023 in Uncategorized


One important step of the divorce process is settling the marital matters of property division, child custody, and any child and spousal support. These divorce disputes can be settled through trial or through negotiation, where both spouses can openly discuss an agreement between themselves. Cooperating and compromising outside of the courtroom can save time, money, and stress during a divorce. However, a narcissistic spouse may make this very difficult – or even impossible.

Some common narcissistic traits that might hinder or complicate divorce include:

  • inflated self-importance and belief of superiority;
  • excessive entitlement;
  • expecting recognition and admiration;
  • belittling others;
  • expecting others to comply without question;
  • not recognizing the feelings or needs of others;
  • reacting with anger or vengeance when they do not get what they want;
  • masking secret feelings of insecurity or shame; and
  • being a jerk just to be a jerk.

Narcissists believe they are always the victim, even when they may have caused most of the problems in the marriage themselves. This unwavering, unfounded, and manufactured feeling of victimhood, mixed with an inflated sense of self, results in extreme entitlement and is not conducive to fair and open discussion. Because the narcissist believes they have done no wrong, they believe they are entitled to more of everything in a divorce, including money, property, or custody.

Narcissists also lack empathy for others and often will not hesitate to belittle, accuse, or start unnecessary conflicts. When narcissists believe they are not getting everything they want in a divorce, they react with irrational anger and try to “get back” at their spouse through the divorce process. This might be worsened due to the fact that they are comfortable around you and so will not hesitate to lash out.

Narcissistic conflict can unnecessarily delay divorce proceedings and inflate costs by causing you to constantly go to court. Narcissists can also try to be master manipulators and will try to use their schemes during the divorce process to bully a spouse to back down or give up. If you are facing this situation, you need an attorney who can see the situation from an outside perspective and who will stand up for your rights.


As seasoned divorce attorneys with decades of experience, we are not new to high-conflict divorces and uncooperative partners. We have handled all types of divorces involving many unique circumstances, and we can help you face your narcissistic spouse who is hindering the progress and efficiency of your divorce. We understand how important it is for you to separate from a narcissist and to preserve the relationship as much as possible in cases of co-parenting. We also provide legal support for those dealing with narcissistic ex-spouses refusing to comply with the divorce judgment, and we can help you build a case for enforcement or modification when needed.

If you anticipate conflict in your divorce process due to a narcissistic spouse who is uncooperative and willfully uncompromising, contact the Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. for legal support to protect and assert your spousal rights.Give us a call at 817-348-6723 or reach out to our legal team online to learn more about our services in Fort Worth, Texas.

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