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Divorce for Business Owners

 Posted on September 15,2023 in Uncategorized

More Than 30 Years Of Experience, Prompt Access to Highly Qualified Valuation Experts

At The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. in Tarrant County, we have experience protecting the interests of business and commercial property owners, licensed professionals and their spouses in Texas divorce cases. Divorce for business owners and other aspects of complex property division are familiar territory for our legal team.

In essence, you may be confronting two divorces: one that ends your marriage and another that ends a business partnership. Especially after a long-term marriage with a family business involved, it is often necessary to determine which spouse will keep the business and whether a buyout of the other spouse is necessary. Attorney Kevin Clark works extensively with qualified business valuators and other experts in relevant fields to ensure that:

  • You obtain your own solid, accurate business valuation using the right method and timing, which will depend on the type of business, its viability and profitability, and many other factors
  • The divorce approach and strategies we pursue together support your future career and financial goals to the greatest possible extent
  • Other issues associated with divorce and your finances — such as any award of spousal support, debt allocation, asset division and more — are handled effectively in light of how business assets are divided

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Our firm is a premier legal resource whether you have interests in a medical practice, law practice, manufacturing or technology company, restaurant, service operation or other businesses. To work directly with a lawyer who has the experience and professional associations required to litigate your case effectively if necessary, please schedule a consultation at our firm in Fort Worth today.

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