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5 Tactics a Narcissist Might Use in a Texas Divorce

 Posted on June 13, 2024 in Divorcing a Narcissist

Fort Worth, TX divorce lawyerNarcissism is a personality disorder that affects up to five percent of the American population. Studies of online search trends have determined that Texas is home to the most narcissists in the country. 

A narcissist is characterized as someone who:

  • Has an inflated sense of self-entitlement

  • Has difficulty feeling empathy

  • Feels a sense of entitlement

  • Demands attention

  • Has a sense of superiority over others

Being married to a narcissist can be extremely challenging. Getting divorced from one can be even more so. Narcissists are manipulative and use a variety of tactics to get their way. Moreover, it is not always easy to spot a narcissist or the strategies they use. If you are considering divorcing a narcissist, consult with a Texas divorce attorney who has experience in handling narcissism.

Here are five tactics a narcissist may use to get his or her way in a divorce.

False Accusations

A person who suffers from narcissism might make false accusations about his or her spouse during a divorce. This is usually done to retaliate against the spouse and discredit him or her. Certain accusations can be extremely damaging during a divorce. Allegations of abuse, for example, can affect child custody.


Another tactic a narcissist might use is gaslighting, which is considered a form of psychological abuse. Gaslighting refers to manipulating someone into questioning his or her perception of reality. A narcissist might gaslight a spouse during divorce proceedings by causing him or her to question his or her own memories about the marriage.

Financial Abuse

Narcissists enjoy feeling superior and exerting control over others. A common method of control is through financial abuse, where a narcissist might withhold money or threaten to withhold money from the other spouse.

Manipulating Children

A narcissist will often use children as pawns in a divorce. He or she might make certain threats regarding custody agreements, or might even disparage the other parent to the children in an effort to alienate them from the other parent. A narcissistic spouse may also use a child’s pain over the divorce as a weapon to prevent or delay the divorce.


A narcissist might also try to hold up parts of the divorce process to get what he or she wants. This is especially likely if he or she knows that you want to get through the divorce as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

Contact a Fort Worth, TX Divorce Attorney

Dealing with a narcissist in any situation is often difficult. A narcissist is able to tap into your emotional pressure points and squeeze them until you agree to his or her demands just to make the pain stop. This is especially true in a divorce, which is emotionally draining to begin with. The best way to successfully deal with a narcissist in a divorce is to hire a Fort Worth, TX divorce lawyer. At The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C., we are highly experienced in dealing with narcissists in divorces. Our skilled attorneys will use tried-and-tested strategies to make sure your interests are safe and well-defended against any narcissistic spouse. Call 817-348-6723 for a free consultation today.

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