Kevin and his team were exceptional! I wouldn't have wanted anyone else handling my case. During a stressful time, it was a great relief to have them in my corner. I was most grateful to not feel stress over the details. I trusted them and knew everything would be handled appropriately, professionally, and on time... and it was! I am so grateful to Kevin, Lisa and Erica for all of their hard work and support during a challenging time! I highly recommend the Law Office of J. Kevin Clark!
Elizabeth Gray

Kevin was the second lawyer obtained for my very difficult divorce. I hired him after a year with a previous lawyer, that had not made any progress on my case. I wish I had him from the very beginning when I filed for divorce. I realized after retaining him that the process would have been completed much quicker if he was my lawyer from the very beginning. He knew exactly how to handle my narcissistic now ex-husband. I have referred a friend to him & she too has been very happy with his expertise in handling her difficult case. He tries to settle in an amicable fair manor outside of court, however, if unable to settle outside of court, he is the lawyer you want on your side in the court room. I would never want to be the person on the “other side”.
Lana Battle

Mr. Clark handled my legal transaction in a very timely and professional manner. My case was extremely time sensitive and somewhat tricky, but, he understood my sense of urgency and seamlessly handled my case. He kept me informed every step of the way and he and his staff never missed a beat. Mr. Clark will be my "go-to" attorney whether I have business issues, or need estate planning.
Salim Anglada

I am so glad I found Kevin because he helped me all the way through a trial!! My now ex-husband was difficult to say the least. Kevin knew how to deal with a crazy narcissist!! There were arguments over both separate and community property. We knew he would never settle. At trial, Kevin got him to admit on the stand that he had lied under oath at his deposition. The final ruling by the Judge gave me much more property than he offered in mediation. I am so glad so was on my side.
Donna Leif Massage

Kevin and his team helped me though a nasty divorce, they looked out for the best interest of my children and I the entire time. I would highly recommend the Law Firm.
Tom Gafford