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Fort Worth Child Support Lawyer

Tarrant county Child Support lawyers

Child support obligations are calculated based on state child support guidelines that consider the income of both parties and any other considerations based on a child’s needs. Any variance must be in the best interests of the child. While the Fort Worth courts adhere to the guidelines, it is important that the correct information is presented to ensure that you can collect support or ensure reasonable payments.

Texas child support guidelines include:

  • The Number of Children
  • Gross Income - Deducting Taxes, Union Fees, & Health Coverage
  • The Needs of the Child - Education Costs, Medical Costs, Extracurricular Activities, Etc.

At The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. in Fort Worth, Texas, we are experienced in helping our clients navigate the family court system to achieve optimal results in settlement or at trial. Our lawyers will evaluate your personal situation, identify your objectives and work to ensure that you have the financial security you need.

If you are looking for a Fort Worth child support lawyer, contact our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys today at (817) 241-3328.

How is Fort Worth Child Support Determined?

Child support is typically the duty of the parent that is not in full custody of the child - also known as the non-custodial parent. Even in cases of shared custody, there will more than likely always be one parent that makes more than the other which creates a responsibility to provide for the child - known as obligors.

Child support is based on the following:

  • One Child - 20% of Total Financial Resources
  • Two Children - 25% of Total Financial Resources
  • Three Children - 30% of Total Financial Resources
  • Four Children - 35% of Total Financial Resources
  • Five Children - 40% of Total Financial Resources
  • Six or More Children - More than 40% based on the needs of the children and the obligors financial resources.

It is important to note that the courts will always have final say when determining the amount of child support that is due each month based on the ultimate needs of the child. This means that even though the guideline percentage outlines a lower number the court could choose to increase the amount if it is proved that the needs of the child is higher. 

Tarrant County Child Support Legal Counsel

Child support typically ends when the child turns 18, but can continue if they have not graduated from high school or could even be indefinite if they have a disability that does not allow them to care for themselves. Additionally it is important to note that if the child is emancipated by marriage, dies, or is no longer disabled the child support may end prematurely.

Child support cases can be emotionally difficult as well as become more complex with the addition of factors such as multiple families and/or income based modifications. If you are in the middle of a separation or divorce it is important that you contact our compassionate and knowledgeable Fort Worth legal team. Regardless of your location in Tarrant County, Johnson County, Parker County, Wise County or anywhere else in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area we are here to protect your family’s financial future.

For an initial consultation directly with our Forth Worth child support lawyer, please call (817) 241-3328 or contact us by e-mail. We invite you to take action as soon as possible to protect your rights involving family law or a civil dispute.

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