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Temporary Restraining Orders — Fort Worth Lawyer

Many divorces are emotionally intense, and a person’s behavior can be rash and unpredictable when he or she is under stress. If you are uncertain about how your spouse will react when you file for divorce, it is worth considering what measures you should take to protect your rights and interests.

Do You Need A Court Order To Deter Damaging Behavior By Your Spouse?

Temporary restraining orders (TROs) are often filed and issued in Texas divorce cases. It is important to recognize that these orders are not typically driven by the threat of family violence, but by the need to keep things as they are — preserving “status quo” while the divorce is in process. Whether this is a required aspect of filing for divorce or a decision you must make may depend on whether you live in Tarrant County, Parker County or another jurisdiction.

Common reasons that you may choose to file a temporary restraining order include:

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If you may need temporary restraining orders for financial or personal reasons, we will make certain that you understand your options and viable approaches to divorce. In some situations, moving quickly into mediation or a collaborative law setting can diffuse conflict and put you on the road to resolution. In others, it is essential to have a proven trial lawyer such as Kevin Clark on your side every step of the way.

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