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Fort Worth Parenting Plan Attorney

Helping Clients with Custody Cases and Parenting Plans

If you are getting divorced and you have children, or you are not living with your child’s other parent, you will need to determine how you will handle custody. In most situations, parents will share custody, meaning they each have certain times they can spend with their child, and they each get certain decision-making authority for the child. However, there are many scheduling details and other issues that need to be addressed once you know how you will share custody.

Parents need to have a comprehensive parenting plan that outlines exactly how their custody arrangement will work. These plans will often be in place for years, and they can serve as a road map of your custody arrangement, so it is important that they are carefully designed and memorialized in a plan that works for you and your child. If you need assistance, contact a Fort Worth parenting plan lawyer at The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark right away.

What Goes into a Parenting Plan?

Parenting plans should have several different provisions, all of which should be tailored to your situation at hand. Our attorneys can advise you on the many different aspects of custody that you should include in your parenting plan, which can include:

  1. The statement of custody rights of each parent, including physical custody, visitation, and legal custody
  2. The basic schedule for sharing physical custody, including how and when the child will be transported to each parent’s house
  3. Schedules for special times of the year, including holidays, summer vacation, and other school breaks
  4. When each parent should consult with the other before making a major decision about healthcare, education, religion, or other aspects of the child’s life
  5. Whether parents can take a child on vacation without getting the other parent’s consent first
  6. Anything else that is relevant to this particular parent-child relationship

It is all too easy to miss an important term in your parenting plan, so you want experienced legal guidance during the process. The judge will also need to find that your parenting plan is consistent with the best interests of the child in order to approve it.

Some parents can agree on the terms of their agreement, while others might not immediately cooperate and compromise. A family lawyer can assist with negotiation or mediation to help facilitate an agreement that works for everyone involved. If the judge needs to decide on the custody terms, you need a skilled advocate in court protecting your rights.

Contact an Experienced Parenting Plan Lawyer in Fort Worth

The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark assists clients with every aspect of their custody cases, including reaching agreements when possible and implementing reasonable parenting plans that work for each specific situation. If you are facing a custody matter, you should always have an experienced family law attorney on your side. Call 817-348-6723 or contact us online to learn the many ways we can help in your case.