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Enforcement Of Court Orders in Texas

Obtaining orders that are fair and workable for your family in a Texas divorce is one important victory in any family law case. Unfortunately, your need for legal recourse and protection under the law may not end there. Enforcement of the court orders issued in your divorce case may require you to file a contempt of court petition or take other decisive action.

Problems Getting Child Support? Do You Need To Force Your Ex-Spouse To Pay?

The most common scenario leading to an enforcement action in Texas involves child support delinquency. When the payor falls way behind on court-ordered child support, waiting for that violation to be discovered through the standard review process may not be an option. Hiring an attorney to expose the facts of the situation and take action may be vital to your financial stability.

Experienced Counsel For Enforcement Of Divorce Orders And Contempt Actions

At The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. in Fort Worth, you can work directly with a highly experienced attorney to resolve matters such as:

When Reason Fails, We Fight Smart And Make The System Work For You

While our Tarrant County-based divorce and family law practice is primarily focused on negotiating positive outcomes, we are always prepared for litigation when needed. If you are frustrated and dealing with extreme, adverse consequences of an ex-spouse’s noncompliance with court orders, a call to our firm is the right call to make.

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