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Parental Alienation in Texas

Unfortunately, bad feelings between parents during and after divorce sometimes spill over and have a severe impact on their children’s emotional well-being. When one parent believes that the other is unfairly denying contact or turning a child against him or her, frustration builds up and serious disputes can arise.

The term parental alienation has come into fairly common use to describe this situation. Although most people can agree in principle that having two close, active parents is the best situation for the great majority of children, some see their personal situations very differently. If you believe that parental alienation is occurring in your family, it is time to get qualified legal counsel.

Putting Children’s Well-Being First Is Every Parent’s Obligation

The top priority in every divorce involving children should be to find ways to raise healthy, emotionally stable kids as single parents. Texas courts absolutely support this view and place the child’s best interests above all other considerations in family law disputes. Behaviors likely to be viewed unfavorably in divorce proceedings or when a modification of custody or visitation is sought include:

Although proving that parental alienation is a factor in your case will require evidence and diligence, putting a stop to this form of emotional abuse is essential. At The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C. in Fort Worth, your lawyer can recommend many avenues for solving specific problems — such as the use of websites specifically designed for private communication between parents during and after divorce.

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