Modifications Of Custody, Visitation And Support

Men, women and children may all experience major life changes in the years after divorce. Texas law accounts for this reality by establishing process for modifications of many of the orders contained in divorce decrees. If you are facing a serious problem after divorce or coping with a major change in circumstances, you should get reliable advice. You have options, and should speak with a lawyer about your legal options right away.

At The Law Office of J. Kevin Clark P.C., we handle many modifications of child custody, visitation and child support. As an attorney Mr. Clark has performed modifications for people in Tarrant County, Johnson County, Parker County and Wise County. Mr. Clark can also help you take fast, decisive action if your situation requires enforcement of existing orders due to an ex-spouse’s refusal to comply.

Major Income Changes · Child Relocation · Essential Custody Modifications

Common reasons to seek modifications include either parent’s job loss or change, health problems and dramatic changes in children’s needs. When a custodial parent wishes to move a significant distance with children, a challenge of that child relocation, a change of visitation schedule, or other actions that will make it workable for the other parent are almost always needed.

Applying more than 30 years of experience in Texas mediations and court proceedings, attorney Kevin Clark provides:

  • Thorough assessment of whether any specific change in circumstances is likely to justify approval of a modification by the court
  • Clear guidance on the steps and costs associated with pursuing — or defending against — a modification of orders
  • Sensitivity to difficult, potentially volatile situations that may call for a change in child custody — such as suspected abuse or neglect of a child, either parent’s substance abuse or parental alienation
  • Extensive knowledge of strategies for presenting our clients in the best possible light, often through collaboration with psychiatrists, social workers and other professionals

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Waiting to seek a formal child support modification when you cannot make payments can be disastrous for your financial future. Failure to act when your children are suffering can have far more severe consequences. To discuss your needs and concerns with a Fort Worth lawyer who will work as a team with you to find the best solutions, call 817-789-4126 or email our law firm right now.